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Install NetBSD from a USB memory stick the easy way

August 1, 2009 8 comments

I got tired of having to jump through hoops to install NetBSD on my Eee PC, so I wrote a simple script to take a NetBSD release ISO and convert it to an image that can be written to a USB memory stick.

The script can be found here:

So use the script, simply feed it an ISO and tell it where to write the resulting image:

$ sh i386cd-5.0.1.iso i386memstick-5.0.1.img

The resulting image can be written to a memory stick using dd(1):

$ dd if=i386memstick-5.0.1.img of=/dev/sd0d

Please note that this script depends on the sysutils/cdrtools package for extracting the contents of the release ISO.

Hopefully this will be integrated with the build process so these images are available for those who cannot prepare an image due to lack of access to a NetBSD machine.

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